The Vamps – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013


Karen, aged 24 from Stoke asks:
Brad does it bother you that people compare you to Harry Styles?

Brad – No not at all, he’s a good looking chap!

Adam on Twitter asks:
What advice would you give to other people trying to make it in the music industry – is social media the way to go?

Brad – Nowadays, definitely –  it’s so powerful

Tristan – I think I’d go as far as saying without social media there wouldn’t be us, because I found Brad on YouTube. Without YouTube we’d be nothing

Brad – It’s so easy to reach out to loads of people really easily

Imetastar – Do you like Twitter?

The band collectively – Yes, awesome, cool, definitely –  love the followers!

Imetastar – Is it a competition between you all to see who’s got the most followers?

Tristan – It was at the start but not any more

Brad – it’s a team effort

Sian, 19 from Birmingham asks:
You have been supporting McFly on tour – how has that been?

The band collectively – AMAZING

Brad – It was our first set of gigs as a band

Tristan – We were so lucky to have the opportunity. It was really good for us – as a first tour it was perfect

Imetastar – Do you get looked after?

Tristan – Oh definitely yeah, they’re really nice guys.

Imetastar – Did you have a tour bus?

Brad – No we were in a little van, it was cozy with cool pillows & duvets in there

Jasmine, aged 16 from St Albans asks:
If you had a million pounds – what is the first thing you would buy?

Tristan – I’d probably invest it in recording software, maybe a studio

James – I think I’d buy a Larma farm

Imetastar – Do you like animals?

James – Yeah, I’m quite allergic to larma’s but I’d have a larma farm!

Connor – A Komodo dragon lol. I’d buy a house

Brad – I don’t know what I’d do – buy a massive bath

Tristan – We’re not your typical lad band –  we just like music, larma’s, haribo. We like dragons & baths lol

Loveable Rogues – IMETASTAR Interview at the Big Gig 2013

Loveable Rogues Girlguiding Big Gig

Anna, aged 22 from Sunderland asks:
What do you think of the talent on his year’s Britain’s Got Talent?

Eddie – I love the Impressionist, Francine – she’s wicked! There’s a lot of really good children which is going to be quite an interesting final. I don’t think there has ever been so many children in a final so there could be a lot of tears!

Te – The variety is really good this year!

How do you think it compares to when you guys were on?

Sonny – I don’t think you can, we were so in the zone last year and we didn’t really take much notice of what was going on, so it’s nice to sit back and watch other people do it!

Eddie – We were there yesterday and we walked in the building and at first you feel a bit like ‘ oh here we go’ but then it was so chilled and you think wow last time I was here my head was going nuts

Te – What’s also really weird is we watched when Francine came in and she’d just won the semi final and you see how amazing a thing that is because when you’re in it you don’t feel like it’s that amazing. It is but at the time you don’t realise it and going back makes you appreciate that.

Amelia from Bigglewade asks:
What was it like going on tour with Olly?

Sonny: Great time, amazing!

Eddie –  It’s just so much fun to go to Ireland and Scotland gigging because it’s still a novelty for us to jump in the van and be told we’re singing in Dublin today and we’ve never been there before. We’re thinking –  are you sure anyone is going to know who we are? The record label from Ireland were there and we were like when did we get on a record label in Ireland?!

Te – We came out of the car and people were screaming and we were thinking it can’t be for us, Harry Styles has walked down the road, it can’t be for us – we’ve never been to Dublin!

Sonny – We did 28 arenas as well and coming back to do this, the last time we played this place was at the Olly Murs tour and it’s weird to get used to playing venues

Josh, aged 15 from Liverpool asks:
What songs are you currently listening to?

Te- Wow our ipods are really varied. I’m going to give you one new and one old. I’m listening to a lot of Wretch 32 ‘Blackout’ at the moment, I really like that song and an old song Maxwell ‘Pretty Wings’!

Eddie – I bought the Madness new album ‘Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da-  ‘My Girl Part 2’  is a great track

Sonny – I’ve downloaded the Daft Punk album – I didn’t really know what to think of it!

Scouting For Girls – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013


Neil on Twitter asks:
What has been the highlight of your time in the band so far?

Peter – So many highlights..

Roy – We were in a band for 10 years before we got a record deal and that was 7 years ago, so it’s like 17 years we’ve been playing together!
Getting a record deal was a real highlight, being able to be a musician full time. Being No.1 with  ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’

Peter – The album getting to No.1 as well

Greg – Doing our 5th year at the Girlguides

Roy – Playing Wembley Arena – there’s so many highlights!

Jackie, aged 27 from Swindon asks:
Which country would you most like to tour?

Roy – After England..

Peter – Probably Germany I’d say. We’ve done a bit in Europe before and it was really good fun so go back there or somewhere hot!

Roy – I’d like the Caribbean!

Greg – Australia! We’d love to do Australia

Megan, aged 15 from Aylesbury asks:
Which of your tracks is your favourite?

Roy – We’ve got a new single coming out called “Millionaire”  – that’s currently my favourite

Greg – Generally your latest tune is your favourite

Roy – Older ones –  I love “She’s So Lovely” – I still love playing that and “This Ain’t  A Love Song”, “Hearbeat”, “It’s Not About You”

Peter – You’ve just named them all!!

Morgan on Facebook asks:
How did you come by the name ‘Wolfcubs’ for your fan members?

Roy – Because we’re called Scouting For Girls we’ve kind of gone quite Scout themed. Wolfcubs is what the cubs were called back in the 50’s

Jade, aged 17 from Whitby asks:
Who do you think is hot in the music industry right now?

Roy – What are we talking about hot wise? (Laughs)

Imetastar – oh ok, she wasn’t quite specific about that – I’ve just got the word ‘hot’ lol

Roy – OK! I would say Daft Punk, I love them, that’s an amazing album

The Boxettes – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013


Rebecca, aged 16 from Wigan asks:
How did you all meet?

Neo – Basically we all went to a music conservatoire called the Guildhall School Of Music and Drama, we were all singing and Bellatrix was playing the double bass and she decided to put The Boxettes together and she picked us all

Bellatrix – Cherry picked!

Neo – Yes cherry picked, so we were really lucky and we all came together and formed the Boxettes. Kate is our newest memeber – she joined us 2 years ago so now we’re the new Boxettes

Phoebe, aged 18 from Truro asks:
What is the inspiration behind the video for ‘Puppet On A String’?

Yvette – That video, we have some friends that are amazing videographers and film makers. We talked to them about the feelings in the song and they came up with these amazing dolls that were forced to all be identical – they didn’t have any freedom. We were breaking free from that, freeing ourselves and at the end having the freedom to be who you are and do your own thing

Matt from Glasgow asks:
Where are you most looking forward to performing this summer?

All – Wow!

Neo – This gig was one we were really looking forward to

Imetastar – Did it live up to your expectations?

Neo – Smashed it – far and beyond. We’re performing at so many different festivals and we’re always really excited to do them all. One of our particular favourites is Beach Break and we’re doing Lowlands in Holland

Bellatrix – We’re playing at the City Beats festival in Slovakia also

Kanisha, aged 14 from Nottingham asks:
Bellatrix – how long have you been beatboxing and how did it feel to become World Beatbox Champion?

Bellatrix – I’ve been beatboxing for about 9 years now and becoming the world champion was amazing in a lot of ways. It’s really good for your drive and motivation but also I personally don’t feel that judging music is something that I particularly want to put too much of myself into so for me it a little bit of an extra booster, but it’s these girls and doing gigs like this that are the real proof of stuff

Charlotte on Twitter asks:
Which artists do you admire the most?

Alyusha – Good question – we need to prepare that one! Most of us come from a Jazz background so we listened to loads of jazz growing up,  and classical as well – I wanted to be an opera singer when I was younger . What do we listen to collectively?

Neo – Gospel, Soul, electronic music, club music..

Kate – I guess we like anybody who is true to themselves. Personally I really like Beyonce and we’ve talked about Beyonce before and her work ethic and her performance is always really slick and she’s somebody that I really admire but we all draw inspiration from so many different artists

Bellatrix – Shall we go round and say a big one for each of us?

Neo – My favourite singer, who most people don’t know, but you should check him out is Donny Hathaway – he has the most beautiful soul and he pours it out on all his music and you can really feel it and it’s so touching, so he’s my favourite

Bellatrix – Amongst my many favourites – I love Bjork’s music. I like the different textures and I think she writes amazing songs and I like how experimental she is. I think she’s amazing!

Alyusha – I’m not going to give my favourite one of all time but my flavour of the month is Lana Del Rey, because I think she’s such an amazing song writer and an amazing lyricist. Even though people haven’t really seemed to take a liking to her, she’s so unique and I think that’s amazing to be so mainstream and so unique at the same time because there’s so many people who are more and more sounding the same. I have a lot of respect for her in that way and she carries on going and writes amazing, amazing music so I really respect her for that

Yvette – There’s this really amazing band called Haitus Kaiyote from Sydney – they are really amazing. They’re not massive but they’ve got a really beautiful EP that they brought out I think last year. It’s full of really amazing flavours – it’s got loads of hip hop influences, loads of club influences, but there’s lots of Jazz and brilliant songwriting

Amelia Lily – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013

Amelia Lily Girlguiding Big Gig

Lily, aged 14 from Blackpool asks:
Have you managed to keep in touch with your original circle of friends?

Amelia Lily – Do you know – I’m going to put it out there! I didn’t have a lot of friends when I was growing up – I wasn’t a loner, I just didn’t kind of fit in in my year. A lot of my friends were people outside of school and were a lot older than me. One of my best friends was 10 years older than me. I grew up kind of being the black sheep of the crowd but when I look back I’m glad I was like that because I feel like it’s made me stronger as a person. I feel like it’s made me who I am today and I don’t feel like I’d be performing on a big stage if I wasn’t like that.

Chris, aged 20 from Reading asks:
Have you ever considered releasing ‘China In Your Hand’ as a single?

Amelia Lily – I remember when I did it on the X Factor and still to this day it’s my favourite performance on the show. I picked the song as well because I knew I always wanted to sing it and yes I probably would but not for a very long time. People still really remember it from the X Factor so I would like to wait a few years then bring it back again.

Lottie, aged 16 from Manchester:
Who was your favourite judge on the X Factor?

Amelia Lily – Well obviously I love Kelly because she was my mentor – I made a really amazing relationship with her. They were all great. Louis Walsh had my back all the time. I think he cared about me more than what he did his own acts sometimes. I was like ‘ok sorry’ but he’s great. I got on really well with Tulisa and I’m still really great pals with her. Gary is great as well – he’s a legend!

Jess, aged 15 from Bradford asks:
What’s the best fan present you’ve received so far?

Amelia Lily – That’s a hard one! I get given weird things like weddings rings. I got a wedding ring sent to me when I was 16 when I had just come off the X Factor and I was like what is going on? I’ve actually still got it!
The best presents for me are the fan books because I feel like I can treasure them for the rest of my life and show my grandkids. Look what my fans made for me, they spent so much time making them for me and I can’t thank them enough. It’s very touching!

Molly, aged 18 from Southampton:
Is being famous everything you thought it would be?

Amelia Lily – It’s definitely a lot more stressful. It’s very tiring but that kinda comes with it. When I was younger and I used to watch music videos on MTV I’d be like ‘oh my god I totally what to do that’, but when you actually shoot a music video you dont realise how much hard work you have to put in. My last video I did for “Party Over” – it was a 17 hour video shoot in Los Angeles and I was so jet lagged. By the end of the video I jumped in the pool fully clothed and I’d forgotten how to swim because i was that tired and I was drowning. These lads had to jump in and get me out!
There’s not many people my age who do what I do but I’m very happy to be in this position and I hope that I inspire younger people to follow in my footsteps. You have to work hard but it’s like any job you have to work hard!

Tich – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013

Girlguiding Big Gig

Ruby, aged 19 from Brentford asks:
Your video for ‘Dumb’ is really cool – you wrote the song but did you have any input with the video also?

Tich – I did. Do you want to know a lovely story, which is the saddest thing ever? Basically I could pick who the boy was in the video and I picked this really beautiful, really good looking guy and they said he’s too good looking for you. He would never go for you – pick someone else, he’s too tall for you, so I had to pick someone else! So yes I did have input – it was so fun to do

Lucy, aged 16 from Grimsby asks:
Who inspires you?

Tich – My family and friends and the situations around me do – I’m such an open person, horribly so that I have to get out what’s happening so I put it in songs. Song writers inspire me, other artists not as much

David on Twitter asks:
Where would you most like to perform?

Tich – Madison Square Garden – actually that would be really scary!

Megan, aged 20 from Newport asks:
Who would you like to collaborate with?

Tich – Elton John – he’s amazing

Amber, aged 14 from York asks:
How many other songs have you written?

Tich – I have about 300 and something because on my itunes when I type it in that’s how many songs there are – it’s like 7 days worth of music. It’s a lot but I’ve been writing since I was 11

Misha B – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013

Girlguiding Big Gig

Olivia, aged 17 from Bolton asks:
How has your life changed since appearing on the X Factor?

Misha B – My life – I’m still 5 ft 1 so I’ve not grown any taller but I no longer live in Manchester, I live in London now. I live alone as well, which is a big thing for me. I went from being Mummy’s little girl to living in a big house in a big city all alone. As sad and lonely as it sounds it’s been quite exciting to be able to get out and explore. I still feel like a tourist in London!
Music wise I’m now working on my album, I got a chance to work with some of the people that I’ve dreamt of working with so everything is changing rapidly.

Ella, aged 15 from Eastbourne asks:
If your house caught fire – what one thing would you save?

Misha B – Ella – I hope my house never catches fire! If there was one thing it’s most probably one of my fan books. The memories that sometimes I won’t remember – but when I go back it’s like ‘oh gosh, do you remember that?’  This is why I love the fans so much – because they pin point so many pivotal moments of our careers!

Grace on Twitter asks:
How was it supporting Nicki Minaj?

Misha B – Oh my god! We actually came here, so when we pulled up I was like ‘OMG is Nicki going to come out?’
It was wicked – I don’t even know what word to call it – definitely life changing, so inspirational! It’s so surreal that I was able to perform along side her, but then again watch her every night back to back performing, doing her thing. She’s only a couple of minutes down the hallway from me and it’s just a knock away!

Samuel from Luton asks:
If you could visit anywhere in the world – where would it be and why?

Misha B – I’d like to visit the Bermuda Triangle, simply because everybody makes it out to be like this crazy place and if you go you do not return!! You know like Neil Armstrong went on the moon and he proved them all wrong that he could go on the moon – I hope to be that girl and say that I went to the Bermuda Triangle and I came back!

Olivia from Bedford asks:
What was your inspiration when growing up?

Misha B – Just wanting to be the best that I can be. I looked at loads of different popstars on the TV – The Spice Girls were my favourite group growing up. I used to look at them – the girl power: they were strong, they were fierce, they had baby spice – she was innocent. All different types of emotions – so just to be the best that I can be but enjoy it as well!

Katy B – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013

Katy B Girlguiding Big Gig

Rach, aged 18 from Inverness asks:
If you weren’t a singer – what would you be doing now?

Katy – I think I’d be a chef!. Just because, not even that I’m that great at cooking or anything, but I just think that it’s still being creative. Baking something and getting to enjoy it. It’s definitely a passion of mine – or a cocktail maker

Carly, aged 20 from Windsor asks:
When you go on tour what is your most essential item?

Katy – I’m not sure! What’s my home comfort? Oh a pillow. You know one of those pillows that has those beads in, I’ve got so many of those. I definitely have to have one of those – I love them because it means you can sleep anywhere. A lot of the time you have to wake up early morning. You only get a few hours sleep, so it allows you to relax!

Tia on Twitter asks:
What it the most expensive item you own?

Katy – My House?!

Brad, aged 19 from Guildford asks:
What would you like to be doing in 5 years time?

Katy – I would like to be making another album – definitely!

Gemma on Facebook asks:
If you could be a fly on the wall for 1 day – where would you be and why?

Katy – I would quite like to be a fly on the wall in the M16 building or somewhere like that, because I always go past it and think ‘What do they do in there?’. I bet it’s something really boring and it’s just loads of offices and there’s no James Bonds or anything! It still might be kinda cool just to know what they do

A*M*E – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013

A*M*E Girlguiding Big Gig

Rosie, aged 18 from Edinburgh asks:
How did you come to be signed by Gary Barlow?

A*M*E – It was through some records that I did – so I did a couple of demos and then my Manager handed it out to different A&R’s and said listen to my artist! He was one of the guys that picked it up and then I had a meeting with him and his team and we just took it from there really

Imetastar – Are you still in touch with him?

A*M*E – I am, yes

Alice, aged 16 from Ipswich asks:
What’s your favourite song of all time?

A*M*E – Without a doubt Janet Jackson – ‘All For You’. If that comes on anywhere I’m automatically up!

Zoe on Facebook asks:
When you’re writing songs – where do you get your inspiration?

A*M*E – I think it depends on everything. It’s mainly about things that I’ve been through – personal experiences, but the track itself could lend itself to a certain subject. It could be something that I heard on the train that I thought would be cool for a song title

Taylor, aged 13 from Selby asks:
Who would you most like to meet and why?

A*M*E – Apart from Janet Jackson obviously! There’s this Korean Pop Band called ‘Big Bang’ that I’m obsessed with so I would love to go to Korea and meet them – that would be incredible

Vicki, aged 19 from South London asks:
Which item of make-up can you not live without?

A*M*E – Oh gosh, this is a really hard question –  do I have to give just one? I’m going to say ‘Shy Girl’ Lipstick from MAC and probably my eyebrow pencil



Katie Price – IMETASTAR Interview


Read our interview with Katie to find out her thoughts in the build up to the Guinness World Record attempt

The Book

THE COMEBACK GIRL is Katie’s 6th novel.  As always, it’s a glamorous, glitzy read with a genuine insight into the celebrity world and is definitely the ‘must-have’ read for the beach this summer!


The Guinness World Record Attempt

The Random House Group are delighted to announce that Katie Price is to attempt to break the Guinness World Records title for the Largest Book Signing by a Single Author. The current record is held by former world chess champion, Anatoli Karpov, who signed 1,951 copies of his book in 8 hours on 21 October 2006.

The attempt will take place at O2 Academy Leeds at 11am on Wednesday 27 July and not only will Katie sign each copy of her new novel, The Comeback Girl, but she also promises that the name of every fan who attends the event will be printed in the front of her next book.

Fans are invited to register for the event at and a Guinness World Records adjudicator will be present throughout the day to verify the attempt. Should Katie successfully pass the magical 1,951 mark, a new Guinness World Records title will be announced on the spot.


Our Interview With Katie

IMETASTAR: The Comeback Girl is your latest novel. It deals with some very topical issues. How much of Katie is in Eden?

Katie: Well she looks a bit like me as she has blond hair and green eyes and she has to deal with a lot of the issues I have to deal with – the paps, people selling stories about her, a complicated love life etc – but she’s a totally fictitious character. It’s all made up!


IMETASTAR: Where did the inspiration for The Comeback Girl come from?

Katie: As with all my novels, it’s the showbiz world around me which provides me with lots of inspiration.


IMETASTAR: For any budding authors, do you get inspiration anywhere in particular? Is it just being curious about everything?

Katie: Look around at your life, the things that happen to you, the people you know etc, there’s lots there to write about if you take the time to let your imagination run away with you.


IMETASTAR: The 27th July is going to be a big day in Leeds – what is your motivation for undertaking such a huge task?

Katie: I know I’m mad, but I love a challenge. Challenge me and I’ll take you up on it so when my publisher asked me about this, I jumped at the chance!


IMETASTAR: The current record for a book signing is 1,951 copies in eight hours – by how much do you hope to beat the record?

Katie: Well I guess just one extra copy would break the record but I’m aiming for 2000.


IMETASTAR: Eight hours + is a long time to be signing – have you done any special training?

Katie: I don’t want to sound big-headed but my signings are always busy so I’m well practiced at signing my name hundreds of times over and in a short space of time.


IMETASTAR: Can you give us a hint about what you might be wearing on the 27th?

Katie: Ah, now that would be telling! It’s great though. I approved the design the other day and I can’t wait for the first fitting. As always, it’s bit of a showstopper.


IMETASTAR: I understand that the name of every fan who attends the event on the 27th will be on the front cover of your next book – to be published in October. What a great idea. Is this a ‘first’ in publishing?

Katie: Not on the front cover, I’m dedicating my Christmas novel – SANTA BABY – to everyone who comes along on the 27th and all their names will be printed at the front of the book. I guess it is a publishing ‘first’, yes!


IMETASTAR: The Guinness World Records attempt will be your 113th signing with Random House – what do you enjoy most about them and do you have any special memories from a particular one?

Katie: I know it sounds a bit corny but I just love meeting my fans. They are such a nice crowd. Some of them are really kind and bring me presents or presents for the children. I think that is so sweet of them.


IMETASTAR: When you’ve beaten the book-signing record, what’s next? Will you be attempting any more records?

Katie: Let me break this one first and then I’ll see! But as I always say, ‘never underestimate the Pricey!’


For more information please visit our blog page: Katie Price Recording Breaking Book Signing Event