Girlguiding Big Gig Liverpool 31/05/14 Backstage Interviews

Girlguiding Big Gig

Once again I Met A Star were delighted to be backstage at The Girlguiding Big Gig and were able to chat with the stars of the show. Check out our interviews (coming soon) and shoutouts here:


*9,000 Guides and volunteers wowed by Tinie Tempah, Pixie Lott and more*

Liverpool Echo Arena today played host to 9,000 Guides and volunteers for the BIG GIG concert, an event hosted exclusively for Girlguiding members and featuring some of the UK’s top pop talent.

 Tinie Tempah, Pixie Lott, Lawson, Elyar Fox and Leah McFall, star of The Voice 2013 were just some of the acts taking the stage at this girl-only event.

 An audience of 9,000 Girlguiding members aged 10 and over travelled from all corners of the UK to attend the concert, which has become a popular fixture in the guiding calendar since it was launched in 2001.

The BIG GIG is hosted by Girlguiding – the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK. It is held for members aged between 10 and 14 and has seen some of the biggest names in pop perform at major venues around the UK over its 12-year history.

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Warwick Davis – IMETASTAR Interview

Snow White Pantomime Photocall


Warwick will be appearing in Panto at Milton Keynes Theatre from December 6th until January 12th. He will be playing the role of Prof in Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, alongside Jennifer Ellison as The Wicked Queen, Kev Orkian, Kate Stewart and Shaun Dalton.

Imetastar: Warwick, which panto have you not appeared in that you’d like to be in?

Warwick: Ooh, because I was in the other one that I wanted to be in

Imetastar: Which was?

Warwick: Peter Pan! What other pantos are there – let’s quickly go through them… Cinderella, Dick Whittington, I’ve done Aladdin

Imetastar: Have you done Beauty and The Beast?

Warwick: No. I know Beauty and The Beast would be nice because I could play Lumiere. I love Lumiere, he’s a good character. Let’s think, but yes I think probably Cinderella – an ugly sister would be fun! Definitely an ugly sister

Imetastar: Which has been your absolute favourite film role to date?

Warwick: Oh my world. I suppose thinking back now I was 11 years old and I was in Star Wars. To me I can’t get away from the fact that that was the most amazing experience that any 11 year old could possibly get. To be there next to his on screen heroes in the shape of Hans Solo AKA Harrison Ford. That’s how I saw them – I saw them as the characters, I could never get past that. For sheer impact on me that was it, that was the one – Star Wars

Imetastar: Which actor or actress have you most enjoyed working with?

Warwick: Oh goodness me, Steve Coogan! Can I say a few? Ricky and Stephen, Karl even. He doesn’t fit into the actor/actress category but moaning git category – Karl lol. All the actors in Harry Potter, Michael Gambon was wonderful – he’s got so many great stories and such a wicked sense of humour. I mean the list just goes on – Les, Keith and Shaun from Life’s Too Short..

Imetastar: My daughter wants to know which is the most famous person’s number you have in your phone?

Warwick: I have Johnny Depp’s phone number – I’m sure she’d want that, how old is your daughter?

Imetastar: She’s only 7!

Warwick: Oh well, she wouldn’t want that then lol but yes Johnny Depp is the biggest name I suppose

Imetastar: You founded Willow Management in 1995 representing actors under 5ft and since 2004 over 7ft – which clients do you have the most of?

Warwick: We have more clients under 5ft. Actors over 7ft are quite a rare find and there tends not to be as much work for them either, which is probably why we don’t see as many on our books. A lot of them have regular jobs and have decided not to be actors

Imetastar: Have you had any major success stories?

Warwick: People have done really well. We’ve had people in West End Shows. I hope to build on that success next year with a tour of the ‘Reduced Height Theatre Company’, which is a company I’ve set up purely to showcase the talent there is amongst short actors. I’ll be in the play that we’re going to do ‘See how they run’ and we’re going to tour it nationally from next February until next May. It’s a great play, a farce, set in the 1940’s, so lots of mistaken identities, vicars, prisoners of war, it’s a fun fun thing


Lawson – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013

Girlguiding Big Gig

Stacey, aged 18 from Chester asks:
Which country you’ve performed in has been your favourite so far?

Andy – That’s a great question

Adam – Shall we go for a different one apart from the UK because obviously we love performing in the UK, so let’s try and throw it out the box a little bit…

Andy – I’m going to say Manila in the Philippines

Ryan – I think my favourite’s Thailand – that was a great gig

Joel – I’m with you on that, Bangkok for me was the best

Adam – Australia was really fun and America too

Andy – Yes New York was a good one and Denmark  – we performed in a theme park, it was brilliant and we got to go on all the rides for free!

Holly, aged 20 from Brighton asks:
What was the best prank ‘The Wanted’ ever played on you?

Adam – Oh gosh there are so many to choose from

Andy – They are real pranksters ‘The Wanted’ boys. They got us with the hot sauce once, they must have sneaked it in and they laced all our drinks around the edge. We came in desperate for a drink and literally spat it out – my face was on fire. It was so hot!!

Shannon from Bedfordshire asks:
Do you have any pets and what are their names?

Andy – Great question. Start with me – I have a pet cat called Mogsey. He’s a ginger cat and quite old but he can still move, he’s as quick as a cat!

Adam – But he’s definitely alive?

Andy – Yes he’s alive!

Adam – I have a dog called Sky and I used to have 2 cats called Po and Skittle but sadly they are no longer with us

Joel – What happened to them mate?

Adam – They are no longer with us

Joel – What happened to them then?

Ryan – Did your Dad love the cats?

Adam – He loved them. My poor Dad accidentally ran over one of the cats!!

Andy – What breed is your dog?

Adam – My breed of dog is chocolate labrador. She is fantastic – one of my best friends

Joel – I’ve got a dog called Hamish, he’s a cockapoo, very small

Adam – Sorry what is he? ‘Laughs’

Joel – A cockapoo!

Adam – Sorry what is he? ‘Laughs’

Joel – A cockapoo!!

Ryan – My Mum and my Dad..

Andy – They’re not pets – that’s a bit rude isn’t it..

Ryan – LOL – they’ve both got Chihuahua’s. One’s called Midge and one’s called Buster

Katie on Twitter asks:
What jobs would you be doing now if you weren’t in the band?

Andy – I’d probably be a TV celebrity chef. Maybe like?…

Imetastar: Gordon Ramsey?

Andy – People say Ryan looks like Gordon Ramsey! What do you think?

Imetastar: An extremely young version!

Adam – I used to do a lot of sport at school. I used to play tennis and cricket but I  was probably best at cricket, I used to play for the county. I don’t know if I would get there but I’ll say cricketer

Joel – I was quite clever in school, I think I would have been a neuro surgeon or something like that. (Why are you laughing?)

Ryan – I’m terrified of flying so naturally I’d be a pilot!

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Nicky Byrne (Westlife) – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013

Nicky Byrne_9388

Nicky was flown in to present the Big Gig at the last minute due to Helen Skelton being taken ill. We therefore did not have any questions to ask Nicky, from our users, but managed to have a brief chat with him before the show:

Imetastar: Do you live in London now?

Nicky – No I live in Dublin. I spend a lot of time in London though, I’ve got a place there and I’m back and forth having meetings now since Westlife ended.

Imetastar: What’s next for you Nicky?

Nicky – I’ve been presenting TV and radio in Ireland. I have a brand new show starting in Ireland, on a Friday night, live from the O2.

Imetastar: Can you tell us what it’s about?

Nicky – It’s called the Hit. It’s basically calling out songwriters. Rather than it being a singing contest, like The X Factor or The Voice, it’s for songwriters who are pitching their songs to established artists. You’ve got 6 rooms and 6 songwriters. They’ve all got a song that they’re trying to pitch and then you will have an established artist, like Sinead O’connor, who will go in and listen to the songs. They will pick the song they want and they will record it and release it as a download.It gives the songwriter the chance. There will be 6 weeks of that and then a finale.

Imetastar: Will it be aired over here?

Nicky – It’s not over here, no. The Irish one is starting but the format may travel. I’ve been meeting with the guys from the BBC,  Sky and ITV for some shows over here so watch this space!

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