The Vamps – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013


Karen, aged 24 from Stoke asks:
Brad does it bother you that people compare you to Harry Styles?

Brad – No not at all, he’s a good looking chap!

Adam on Twitter asks:
What advice would you give to other people trying to make it in the music industry – is social media the way to go?

Brad – Nowadays, definitely –  it’s so powerful

Tristan – I think I’d go as far as saying without social media there wouldn’t be us, because I found Brad on YouTube. Without YouTube we’d be nothing

Brad – It’s so easy to reach out to loads of people really easily

Imetastar – Do you like Twitter?

The band collectively – Yes, awesome, cool, definitely –  love the followers!

Imetastar – Is it a competition between you all to see who’s got the most followers?

Tristan – It was at the start but not any more

Brad – it’s a team effort

Sian, 19 from Birmingham asks:
You have been supporting McFly on tour – how has that been?

The band collectively – AMAZING

Brad – It was our first set of gigs as a band

Tristan – We were so lucky to have the opportunity. It was really good for us – as a first tour it was perfect

Imetastar – Do you get looked after?

Tristan – Oh definitely yeah, they’re really nice guys.

Imetastar – Did you have a tour bus?

Brad – No we were in a little van, it was cozy with cool pillows & duvets in there

Jasmine, aged 16 from St Albans asks:
If you had a million pounds – what is the first thing you would buy?

Tristan – I’d probably invest it in recording software, maybe a studio

James – I think I’d buy a Larma farm

Imetastar – Do you like animals?

James – Yeah, I’m quite allergic to larma’s but I’d have a larma farm!

Connor – A Komodo dragon lol. I’d buy a house

Brad – I don’t know what I’d do – buy a massive bath

Tristan – We’re not your typical lad band –  we just like music, larma’s, haribo. We like dragons & baths lol

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