Scouting For Girls – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013


Neil on Twitter asks:
What has been the highlight of your time in the band so far?

Peter – So many highlights..

Roy – We were in a band for 10 years before we got a record deal and that was 7 years ago, so it’s like 17 years we’ve been playing together!
Getting a record deal was a real highlight, being able to be a musician full time. Being No.1 with  ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’

Peter – The album getting to No.1 as well

Greg – Doing our 5th year at the Girlguides

Roy – Playing Wembley Arena – there’s so many highlights!

Jackie, aged 27 from Swindon asks:
Which country would you most like to tour?

Roy – After England..

Peter – Probably Germany I’d say. We’ve done a bit in Europe before and it was really good fun so go back there or somewhere hot!

Roy – I’d like the Caribbean!

Greg – Australia! We’d love to do Australia

Megan, aged 15 from Aylesbury asks:
Which of your tracks is your favourite?

Roy – We’ve got a new single coming out called “Millionaire”  – that’s currently my favourite

Greg – Generally your latest tune is your favourite

Roy – Older ones –  I love “She’s So Lovely” – I still love playing that and “This Ain’t  A Love Song”, “Hearbeat”, “It’s Not About You”

Peter – You’ve just named them all!!

Morgan on Facebook asks:
How did you come by the name ‘Wolfcubs’ for your fan members?

Roy – Because we’re called Scouting For Girls we’ve kind of gone quite Scout themed. Wolfcubs is what the cubs were called back in the 50’s

Jade, aged 17 from Whitby asks:
Who do you think is hot in the music industry right now?

Roy – What are we talking about hot wise? (Laughs)

Imetastar – oh ok, she wasn’t quite specific about that – I’ve just got the word ‘hot’ lol

Roy – OK! I would say Daft Punk, I love them, that’s an amazing album

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