Nicky Byrne (Westlife) – IMETASTAR Interview at The Big Gig 2013

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Nicky was flown in to present the Big Gig at the last minute due to Helen Skelton being taken ill. We therefore did not have any questions to ask Nicky, from our users, but managed to have a brief chat with him before the show:

Imetastar: Do you live in London now?

Nicky – No I live in Dublin. I spend a lot of time in London though, I’ve got a place there and I’m back and forth having meetings now since Westlife ended.

Imetastar: What’s next for you Nicky?

Nicky – I’ve been presenting TV and radio in Ireland. I have a brand new show starting in Ireland, on a Friday night, live from the O2.

Imetastar: Can you tell us what it’s about?

Nicky – It’s called the Hit. It’s basically calling out songwriters. Rather than it being a singing contest, like The X Factor or The Voice, it’s for songwriters who are pitching their songs to established artists. You’ve got 6 rooms and 6 songwriters. They’ve all got a song that they’re trying to pitch and then you will have an established artist, like Sinead O’connor, who will go in and listen to the songs. They will pick the song they want and they will record it and release it as a download.It gives the songwriter the chance. There will be 6 weeks of that and then a finale.

Imetastar: Will it be aired over here?

Nicky – It’s not over here, no. The Irish one is starting but the format may travel. I’ve been meeting with the guys from the BBC,  Sky and ITV for some shows over here so watch this space!

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