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Read our interview with Katie to find out her thoughts in the build up to the Guinness World Record attempt

The Book

THE COMEBACK GIRL is Katie’s 6th novel.  As always, it’s a glamorous, glitzy read with a genuine insight into the celebrity world and is definitely the ‘must-have’ read for the beach this summer!


The Guinness World Record Attempt

The Random House Group are delighted to announce that Katie Price is to attempt to break the Guinness World Records title for the Largest Book Signing by a Single Author. The current record is held by former world chess champion, Anatoli Karpov, who signed 1,951 copies of his book in 8 hours on 21 October 2006.

The attempt will take place at O2 Academy Leeds at 11am on Wednesday 27 July and not only will Katie sign each copy of her new novel, The Comeback Girl, but she also promises that the name of every fan who attends the event will be printed in the front of her next book.

Fans are invited to register for the event at www.katiesrecordbreakingsigning.co.uk and a Guinness World Records adjudicator will be present throughout the day to verify the attempt. Should Katie successfully pass the magical 1,951 mark, a new Guinness World Records title will be announced on the spot.


Our Interview With Katie

IMETASTAR: The Comeback Girl is your latest novel. It deals with some very topical issues. How much of Katie is in Eden?

Katie: Well she looks a bit like me as she has blond hair and green eyes and she has to deal with a lot of the issues I have to deal with – the paps, people selling stories about her, a complicated love life etc – but she’s a totally fictitious character. It’s all made up!


IMETASTAR: Where did the inspiration for The Comeback Girl come from?

Katie: As with all my novels, it’s the showbiz world around me which provides me with lots of inspiration.


IMETASTAR: For any budding authors, do you get inspiration anywhere in particular? Is it just being curious about everything?

Katie: Look around at your life, the things that happen to you, the people you know etc, there’s lots there to write about if you take the time to let your imagination run away with you.


IMETASTAR: The 27th July is going to be a big day in Leeds – what is your motivation for undertaking such a huge task?

Katie: I know I’m mad, but I love a challenge. Challenge me and I’ll take you up on it so when my publisher asked me about this, I jumped at the chance!


IMETASTAR: The current record for a book signing is 1,951 copies in eight hours – by how much do you hope to beat the record?

Katie: Well I guess just one extra copy would break the record but I’m aiming for 2000.


IMETASTAR: Eight hours + is a long time to be signing – have you done any special training?

Katie: I don’t want to sound big-headed but my signings are always busy so I’m well practiced at signing my name hundreds of times over and in a short space of time.


IMETASTAR: Can you give us a hint about what you might be wearing on the 27th?

Katie: Ah, now that would be telling! It’s great though. I approved the design the other day and I can’t wait for the first fitting. As always, it’s bit of a showstopper.


IMETASTAR: I understand that the name of every fan who attends the event on the 27th will be on the front cover of your next book – to be published in October. What a great idea. Is this a ‘first’ in publishing?

Katie: Not on the front cover, I’m dedicating my Christmas novel – SANTA BABY – to everyone who comes along on the 27th and all their names will be printed at the front of the book. I guess it is a publishing ‘first’, yes!


IMETASTAR: The Guinness World Records attempt will be your 113th signing with Random House – what do you enjoy most about them and do you have any special memories from a particular one?

Katie: I know it sounds a bit corny but I just love meeting my fans. They are such a nice crowd. Some of them are really kind and bring me presents or presents for the children. I think that is so sweet of them.


IMETASTAR: When you’ve beaten the book-signing record, what’s next? Will you be attempting any more records?

Katie: Let me break this one first and then I’ll see! But as I always say, ‘never underestimate the Pricey!’


For more information please visit our blog page: Katie Price Recording Breaking Book Signing Event


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